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18 kids house B&B, located in Zhibai Village, Sanzhi Dist., New Taipei City.

When the host/hostess first moved here, Zhibai Village was old and shabby.

However, the fresh air and graceful environment was the reason they stayed here.

The concept of “Do it yourself” is very popular here, which attracted many artists reside in or establish workspaces.

This made each house in Zhibai unique and full of creativity.







 In March
you can see lots of Japanese white-eye flying around cherry trees.
Sometimes, the Chinese bulbul will join them!
If you’re lucky, you will see Taiwan scimitar babbler or Taiwan Blue Magpie in pairs.

In April
the main gate of Zhibai Village will be covered by Kapok flowers.

In May
go into the mountains and take a look at the Tung trees.
Tung blossoms will cover the roads and hills, providing mesmerizing sceneries just like a layer of snow.

In June
you can see Black Drongo chasing an eagle or a dog, in order to protect their babies.

The beauty of Zhibai Village is beyond words.
Take a trip here, and create your own memories!